About Ross Tesoriero

Cartoons and Illustration

I have been creating art since I was old enough to hold a crayon and have been contributing words and pictures to various magazines, comic books and art exhibitions since 1995.

I create art for a living, am self-employed and completely independent. I operate out of a studio in Newtown, Australia where I create posters, cartoons, comics, multimedia projects, websites, animations, music videos, CD & DVD packaging, T-shirt designs, illustrations and paintings.

My artwork mixes traditional techniques and digital media and is influenced by underground comix, psychedelic posters, classic animation, absurdism, surreal humour, exploitation and horror movies.

Website Development & Other Digital Services

I am an experienced website designer and developer since 1998, especially skilled in coding PHP, Javascript and CSS and have thorough knowledge of WordPress and other web platforms. For more information on my Web Design services please visit Radiation Design

Contact Ross

If you would like to commission me please read the following information (click here)

For any correspondence or enquiries: ross@radiationart.com


As a full-time freelance artist I am always available for commissions, ranging from personal art and fan-art to professional art for publication or merchandising.

If you would like to commission a design (or enquire about costs) please email me: ross@radiationart.com with a brief description of your desired art.

Things to consider including in your email:

  • Your theme or idea (if you have one or would prefer to leave it in my hands)
  • Your deadline (if applicable)
  • Do you have a budget in mind? Or would you like me to quote based on your brief. Estimated costs for artwork are determined by the hours I believe it will take to produce finished artwork.
  • Is the artwork to be in colour or black & white.
  • Would you like to purchase original drawing? or a digital copy to print?
  • Intended Use. Personal? T-shirt or other merchandise? Album/Book cover?
  • How many copies to you intend to print? Or how long will the artwork be used/displayed?

Once I have quoted and a deadline / schedule / budget has been agreed upon I will provide a working sketch (black & white) of design.

If necessary the client can suggest changes to sketch and a second sketch will be provided.

Once the sketch is approved the artwork will be inked and coloured and provided to the client.

Any further changes to artwork at this point may incur further costs.